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Sea weather in real time:


We offer anyone the opportunity to participate in events concerning the focus on different aspects of diving, in the biological, historical/archaeological,

naturalistic and ecological fields. There is no lack of events aimed at scientific dissemination, even less those in support of companies.

Some meetings will be held on an online platform using italian language, which can be accessed after registering for the relevant focus. Lovers and experts will participate, who will also tell us about their fantastic experiences.

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Sea, Art and Culture

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1975. The film "Jaws" (in Italian "The shark") is released: no film has had a more devastating impact on the human-animal relationship.

Since then, every time we swim in the sea we have the feeling that at any moment we will be prey to a terrible monster that, coming from the deep blue, will drag us down with it. Nothing could be more wrong: while shark kills are counted on the fingers of one hand, every year it is by default estimated that 100 million sharks are killed, mainly to cut off their fins and then throw them back alive into the sea.


The shark population is in monstrous decline: their extinction would be an event that would not save human lives, but on the contrary it would lead to devastating consequences on ecosystems.

Shark! A relationship that needs to be reconsidered and urgent action is needed.

Organized by Blu Deep Emotions and Andrea Izzotti, in cooperation with Sarah Russurwm, StopFinning, Marevivo and PlasticFree, a direct facebook that sees the extraordinary participation of Prof. Alessandro De Maddalena, one of the world's leading shark experts, who studies these animals by organizing expeditions of research for many years and author of numerous scientific publications.

We will see images and videos of these beautiful animals swimming with men. We will naturally talk about sharks of their importance, of the Ghost Networks project with Massimiliano Falleri responsible for the underwater division of Marevivo The seabed, in fact, is full of abandoned or accidentally lost nets that represent one of the greatest threats to the ecosystem among marine litter. They are a danger to marine life, because the animals get trapped and suffocate. Furthermore, over time, microplastics, which are ingested by animals, break up into small pieces.
We will talk about plastic with the director and co-founder of Plastic Free Lorenzo Zitigliani.
Last but not least, we will talk with Camila Irene Mura volunteer from Stop-finning Italy about the European citizens' initiative “Stop-Finning-Stop the trade“ a unique opportunity to change European legislation and save sharks.

The live broadcast will be on the facebook channel of the photographer Andrea Izzotti on Thursday 27 January 2022 at 20.30

The website of the stop finning initiative (it takes 30 seconds to join)

The event is obviously free and to participate, just put me interested / will participate in the event page or on Andrea Izzotti's facebook page: you will be notified of the start of the broadcast.

We ask you right now to join the online initiative by signing the request and to disclose as much as possible on your social networks.

Blu Deep Emotions in collaboration with the RomaNatura Regional Authority proposes on 16/10/2021 from 8:30 to 15:00 at the sea house in Ostia managed by Roma Natura multipurpose headquarters of the AMP Secche di Tor Paterno the BLSD (Basic Life Support and Defibrillation) course with the aim of educating and disseminating the fundamental guidelines of the BLS in a simple and intuitive way. There are four phases of the cardiopulmonary resuscitation process:

1. Immediate alarm.

2. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

3. Farly defibrillation.

4. Advanced rescue.

The first two phases are the most delicate: the timeliness in alerting the emergency vehicles and the ability to carry out CPR maneuvers that extend the useful time for rescuers to arrive and provide the necessary care. It is everyone's duty to know and activate this “Chain of survival”, essential to save a person affected by cardiac arrest.

The course is by reservation and with a limited number.

Reserve your place for info and reservations you can contact 392 / 4670623

Or write to:



Sea, Art and Culture


On 11 September from 08:30 to 13:00 at the Casa del Mare in Ostia, headquarters of the Amp Secche di Tor Paterno, managed by the RomaNatura Regional Authority, the Blu Deep Emotions association in collaboration with RomaNatura present the event:
Sea, Art and Culture!


Lots of activities for families inspired by the seafaring culture!

The world of diving with Mauro Mileto Instructor Trainer WasedivEducation, the Marine Biology Laboratory with touch tank of Dr. Filippo Fratini naturalist and marine biologist, the Archeology Laboratory of Dr. Rita Fracassi specialized in Underwater Archeology, the laboratory 'Moments of Art' where children can shape clay with Paolo Del Grande and, finally, our Plastic Laboratory where the girls of the Giulia Mileto, Irene Tozzi and Alice Fratini will show everyone the art of recycling to all adults and children.

All children participating in our workshops will join the initiative:

'A plastic bottle for a book' our gift, a gesture that invites children to read, learn about the sea and respect the environment. 'The Sperm Whale Elia' inspired by Andrea's photographs Izzotti, a well-known Genoese photographer, is a book where adults and children with drawings and thoughts expressed their love for the sea like the artist Stefania Franco who gave us the cover of this splendid book.

This book in this period had able to unite on the web families, sea lovers, fishermen, divers, poets, writers and children above all children under one big flag LOVE FOR THE SEA.

At the Sea, Art and Culture event will be present our friend Andrea Izzotti, to share with us the international MUSE PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS 2021 of NEW YORK in the Amateurs category.

The photo of the Sperm Whale Elia contained in our book is the winner of this event.

For more informations and recervation, send an email to blu.deep.emotions@gmail.com or contact us at 392/4670623.

The event will take place in compliance with the anticovid regulations.

The fee to be paid in support of the Blu Deep Emotions Association is 15,00 € —


New So.Spe event

In an environment full of curious and happy children, we talked about us, about Blu Deep Emotions, about our passion for the sea, starting right from Underwater.

Through simple stories our president Mauro Mileto has brought young and old closer to knowledge and discovering this magical world and its submerged heritage, guardian of our history.

Filippo Fratini, with the Biology laboratory, told about biodiversity as only he can do, giving everyone present truly unique moments of interaction.

Paolo del Grande brought his art allowing children to approach Crete, sinking their hands in it, touching it, shaping it, dividing it into pieces, creating turtles, hermit crabs and corals under their eyes.


Last but not least, a warm applause goes to our girls Giulia and Irene with their Art of Recycling workshop. With bottles, glasses, sticks of ice cream, buttons, colors, brushes, glue and a lot of creativity they have demonstrated to young and old what wonders can be achieved with plastic waste, not forgetting to remind everyone that our planet must be respected and protected.

All the children, including Sister Paola, received turtles, flowers, little fish.

All of them have recieved Diplomas of Little Biologist and Little Sculptor delivered by our girls. As usual, there is nothing that gives greater satisfaction than a smiling, amazed and happy child. Thank you for giving us this day.

We specify: all animals 'alive 'used in the marine biology laboratory are waste from artisanal fishing and by catch.


Plastic Free event


For the 18/04/2021 for the Plasticfree diving event that will take place in Trevignano, the divers who are interested must confirm no later than the 12/04/2021. We have only 15 cylinders. Hurry up; event no cost. ​


Sharks, how to protect them

Don't miss the event. Help us in the fight to defeat finning.

Go to: Initiatives

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